An Introduction

PreFab Ads, a division of Jessen Productions LLC, licenses these professionally-produced TV and Facebook ads to local collision repair shops on an exclusive-by-market basis. These commercials have already proven their effectiveness in nearly 400 local television markets across North America. Several, in fact, have won national and international advertising awards and have been featured in “World’s Funniest” programs in five different countries. The license fee is relative to the size of the local market they are contracted for. Typically, it ranges from $500 to $1,500 per commercial for an 18-month period. Discounts and term extensions are given for multiple-spot contracts. Renewals are 50% of the original fee for an equal term. All were shot on film or HD video with professional actors and professional crew at cost ranging up to $40,000 each, but can now be licensed for a small fraction through “Tagging” is the customization of commercial(s) with your company name and information. Our fee for this is $200 for the first commercial and $50 for each thereafter. This includes a professional voice over (as you hear in the demos), editing, uploading once to your local TV station or cable network. You may opt to tag locally with your own media company, or have the Cable TV company do it for you. That is fine with us.

About Us

The founder and creative director of PreFab Ads is Chuck Jessen, a thirty-year advertising veteran, who worked for such world-renowned ad agencies as Young & Rubicam, BBDO, and DDB. He operated his own advertising agency for five years prior to launching what is now Jessen Productions LLC, a film & video production company. PreFab Ads, a division of Jessen Productions LLC, is dedicated to the licensing of pre-made, customizable advertising materials to the automotive industry.  The company is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact us to request more information.