• TV Spots

    Running these auto body spots on Facebook, YouTube, your local cable TV zone, local TV station, or in local movie theaters before the show, is a great way to target prospects locally and build awareness. By also adding them to your website, you can boost search results and site views.

  • Print Ads

    Print ads are still a great way to reach out to your community, whether you run them in the local newspaper or the school-event program guide. Now your collision repair shop can seize those opportunities with one of these professional-looking ads below. Choose a concept, specify a size, and provide copy changes as needed. Simple as that.

  • Outdoor Boards

    Outdoor advertising is a terrific way to target your potential auto body shop customers geographically. These PreFab Ads outdoor concepts can be customized and resized for your specific need—whether it be billboards, bus sides/backs, or bus-shelter posters. Each collision repair billboard concept is just $500, resized for initial usage. Click on any icon below to reveal a full outdoor board concept.

  • Media Placement

    We can also plan and buy your TV, radio, print or outdoor media for you. As your ad agent, we will plan with YOUR interests and goals in mind, not those of the media companies anxious to sell you THEIR ad space or ad time. This service will cost you nothing as our commission is paid directly by the media companies—standard for all advertising agencies. Our business IS media. Yours is running an auto body shop. Put us to work for you.