How It Works

PreFab Ads, a division of Jessen Productions, licenses these professionally-produced TV spots to local auto body shops on an exclusive-by-market basis. These commercials have already proven their effectiveness in over 260 local television markets across the U.S. Several, in fact, have also won international advertising awards and have been featured on such national TV programs as "Reel TV" and "World’s Funniest."

The license fee is relative to the size of the local TV viewing market that is being contracted for. Typically, the advertising fee ranges from $1,500 to $2,500 per commercial for a 18-month period of time. Discounts and extra time given for multiple-spot contracts.

All commercials were shot on film or HD video, with professional actors and professional film crews at a relative cost of nearly $60,000 each. Through this exclusive-by-market program, auto body shops can license these spots for a fraction of this cost and run these spots as if they were made specifically for their shop. PreFab Ads provides professional tagging of these commercials, at cost, to ensure a quality end product.


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