Falling Star - The starry night makes a big impact on a couples parked car. Power Steering - Insurance guy pays the price when he tries to steer woman to the wrong body shop. Wrong Turn - The family trip gets exciting when Dad turns into a weapons testing area. Snowplow - A snowplow driver takes revenge on the car of his childhood bully. Daddy's Girl - Daughter applies damage control before her father learns of her wrecked car. No Parking - Shows what can happen when you park in Gods parking spot. Using animation, a car is damaged many ways then comes together in a perfect repair. Tow Trucks - This anti-steering TV commercials shows two tow trucks, one representing an insurance company, playing tug of war with a car until it rips in two. Sledgehammer -  A scorned woman, bent on revenge, beats up the wrong car. Door Ding - A man tries to protect his new Jag in a parking lot but has no such luck. Hungry Bear - A creative Bear uses technology to extract cookies from a parked car. Deer Hit- A man is struck by an SUV driven by two deer. Shortcut - GPS steers a couple off cliff as a direct route to their destination. Text Crash - Texting while driving has serious consequences for a young woman. Hail Storm Young Picasso - Young boy etches art onto family van in this auto paint commercial. This fun :15 second commercial contrasts historical car crash footage with modern collision repair. Click Here for 15 Second TV Spots
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