Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost me to license these commercials?
The licensing fee is relative to the size of the body shops television viewing market, but the average is $1,500 to $2,500. per commercial, per market, for a 18 month licensing period. For small markets, with a cable TV reach of under 10,000 households, for instance, the fee can be as low as $1,000. For larger, metropolitan areas, where a chain of body shops intends to use both cable and regular broadcast TV, reaching hundreds of thousands of homes, the fee will be upwards from $3,000 -- again, depending on the size and scope of the media reach. Your only other cost is the tagging fee, which usually cost under $350. After the initial licensing period, renewals are just 1/3 of the original fee.

Why do these spots cost this much to license when my cable company will make me a commercial for $500 to $1,000?
The difference is the quality of the end product. If you were to hire an advertising agency and a production company to produce commercials of similar quality, it might easily cost you over $60,000. Why? Because these spots are shot on either filmor high-quality HD with a professional crew, using professional actors, with the highest-level of equipment and professionalism used through the entire editing and post-production process. And, don't forget the cost of the caliber of creative talent needed to come up with ideas. It all adds up. Your local cable company, by contrast, will send out a 1-2 man video camera crew and will edit together something very simple and basic just to be able to sell you the media time. Yes, it puts moving pictures on the screen, but the similarity ends there. It's the old adage, you get what you pay for. It's like the difference between the $199 paint job advertised in the paper and the kind that you do. No comparison in quality. So, it comes down to the question of what kind of image do you want to send out to your community. A cheap one or a quality one.

Explain Tagging
Tagging is the process of customization; putting your name and logo at the end of the spot. Often times your cable TV company will do this for you for free. If you are not confident in their abilities to do a quality job, we will provide this third-party service at cost. The fees are usually under $350, which includes voice over, editing, uploading to the TV station, and shipping your back up and viewing copy. We don't profit on this. We just want you to be happy with the end result.

How do these commercials work?
These commercials are designed to break through the advertising clutter and help you build long-term awareness in your market. People tend to tune out commercials unless they are either very entertaining, or for a product or service that they are currently in the market for. Our commercials do entertain. They are designed to evoke an emotional response from the viewer -- in this case, a smile or laugh -- thus, implanting the name of your body shop in their memory so when they do have that accident, they'll hopefully come to you for an estimate. Winning them over with humor is a good first step in building a relationship with your potential customers. These spots will help increase your recognition and stature among insurance agencies and prospective employees. Overall, they help build momentum for your shop, making you appear to be one of the premier body shops in town. They are just one more tool to help you reach your marketing goals.

How can I be sure my competitors won't run them?
By licensing them yourself. Each contracting body shop client is guaranteed exclusivity in their respective market for the term of their licensing contract. Plus, you will be given first right of refusal for all future commercials. Only if you pass on a commercial will someone else in your market be able to license it.

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